Friday, 5 June 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I love succulent {maybe love is such a big word but I really do!}. You can see them pop up almost everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest which I think make it a must have in your home.

Then, I stumbled upon this cute free printable by Jenny Collier and it immediately sparked an idea for teacher appreciation gift. I went out and bought a few of these lovelies home and dressed up them with kraft paper. I'm a super huge fan of kraft paper {we started wayyy back when I was an avid cardmaker}. 

What I like about this printable tag is that it allows you to edit and makes it a customized tag. All I did was to add Abby's name to the tag, printed it out and stuck it inside the pots using toothpick.

Voila! Easy peasy way to make your teacher smile!


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