Thursday, 17 December 2015

Yellow Wedding

My good friend, JY tied the knot with the love of her life earlier this year and when she asked if I would help her with the decor, oh boy did I jump in excitement!

JY's favorite color is yellow as it is vibrant and exudes happiness. The wedding took place at an old resort with colonial charm surrounded by lush garden and beautiful scenery. And as such, we kept the setting simple and rustic with pop of yellow color.

As she loves succulents, I incorporated these little beauties into the decor, wrapped in kraft paper and given as souvenir to each guest.

It was definitely a special moment to remember.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Gold Painted Jars

In my earlier post, I confessed of my love for succulents and I am still very much captivated by them. They are gorgeous arent' they? I have seen so many beautiful projects featuring succulents and I am itching to make something.

I was at the Japanese store the other day when I came across a shelf full of jars of different sizes. Next thing I knew I was at the counter paying for the jars and also grabbed a can of gold spray paint while on the way home.....and as they say, the rest is history.

Spray paint is very addictive and already I have a few projects in mind. Tell me, do you like my gold painted jars? {sorry for the poor quality image as I was too lazy to bring out my SLR camera} xoxo

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DIY Cake Topper

God knows how long I've stop creating ever since two kids came along. I won't use the word 'no time' because I know I will find the time to do it if I really want to. Let's just say my priority have shifted and that my plate is quite full both at work and at home.

However, last weekend I threw a surprise birthday party for a good friend, J and decided to create my own cake toppers using scrapbook supplies. You can say that I jumped right in at every opportunity to create with pretty paper and embellishments. As I rummaged through the stash of supplies, I can't help but feeling excited and guilty both the same time. Excited because as I said before, I haven't been making anything creative lately so to be able to get out of my creative rut felt pretty good. Guilty because...well, most of the stuff are still in their original packaging...enough said.

All supplies used were from Maggie Holmes Confetti collection {except for the glitter gold heart}.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

One day

Being a mother of two active and strong willed child is like riding a roller coaster. It is thrilling, exciting yet frightening. Difference is the real roller coaster ride only last within minutes but life, it keeps rolling up and down, up and down.

Yesterday was truly a trying time, I thought I was strong and could fight back but in the end I turned into a softie and burst into tears right in front my kids. For the record, I have always refrained myself from any sort of emotional outbursts especially in front of my kids but yesterday was just too much to hold back. RK was too young to understand but AB, she cried with me. Oh, that girl! It breaks my heart to see tears welled up in her big round eyes and it breaks me even more to realized what a lousy mother I am.

Seeing that AB started to cry, I quickly pulled myself together to calm her down and gave her a hug. Kids being kids, she was immediately back to her happy and cheerful self.  As for me, I realized the struggles are real and will always be there. The struggle of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a friend. Expectations are high and honestly, I'm not even sure if I could keep up.

For now, these two are my pillar of strength and they give me the power to brave through storm. Hopefully one day I will be able to laugh through this. One day....

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I Love My Girls

Life with two girls is truly an adventure itself especially when both of them are only two years apart, but I would not have it any other way. I LOVE being their mom and I can't imagine life without them. I believe they were God send and I must have done something good to deserve them. Really!

As I watched them play together, I was reminded {yet again} at how quickly they grow. Sometimes, when I'm all alone by myself {and that usually means I'm stuck in a traffic jam}, I can't help but to wonder what would life be when they are all grown up and have family of their own. Will they be as close to me as they are right now? Or do they need me as much as they do right now? Only time will tell. But for now, I just wanted to soak up every much as possible.

'Children are Not a distraction from important work. They are THE MOST important work' - C.S Lewis

Friday, 5 June 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I love succulent {maybe love is such a big word but I really do!}. You can see them pop up almost everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest which I think make it a must have in your home.

Then, I stumbled upon this cute free printable by Jenny Collier and it immediately sparked an idea for teacher appreciation gift. I went out and bought a few of these lovelies home and dressed up them with kraft paper. I'm a super huge fan of kraft paper {we started wayyy back when I was an avid cardmaker}. 

What I like about this printable tag is that it allows you to edit and makes it a customized tag. All I did was to add Abby's name to the tag, printed it out and stuck it inside the pots using toothpick.

Voila! Easy peasy way to make your teacher smile!