Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DIY Cake Topper

God knows how long I've stop creating ever since two kids came along. I won't use the word 'no time' because I know I will find the time to do it if I really want to. Let's just say my priority have shifted and that my plate is quite full both at work and at home.

However, last weekend I threw a surprise birthday party for a good friend, J and decided to create my own cake toppers using scrapbook supplies. You can say that I jumped right in at every opportunity to create with pretty paper and embellishments. As I rummaged through the stash of supplies, I can't help but feeling excited and guilty both the same time. Excited because as I said before, I haven't been making anything creative lately so to be able to get out of my creative rut felt pretty good. Guilty because...well, most of the stuff are still in their original packaging...enough said.

All supplies used were from Maggie Holmes Confetti collection {except for the glitter gold heart}.


  1. It's so fancy to see you blog again!! Love the new blog's name too :)

    1. Thanks babe! I'm trying to slowly getting back in the groove....it's been a while. This blog is all about my family and my love for paper crafting, so I thought Paper & Powder seems fitting....lol. Thanks again for being my first commenter!

  2. yay!!!!!!!!! So happy to see you and those cake toppers are adorable!!!

  3. These are so sweet! And what a lovely thing to do for a friend....throwing her a surprise birthday party.

    P/s: You have to make time for what you love, even if it means scheduling in 1 hour of "me" time a week. :)